Like you, we want the highest and best for our family. Sure, we want a home that’s safe in a good community. We want our kids to get a great education and have a sound future. But there is SO much more to life!

Life is best lived in love and with joy. We want to love and live well, and to help others love and live well, too. We want to know we are designed for purpose. We want to experience the joy of giving so that it becomes a lifestyle. We want to deeply connect with others and to feel freedom to be our most authentic selves. Isn’t that what most of us want- both for ourselves and our families?

Shine was founded from a desire to help people discover there really IS more to life than just getting through the days. Our lead team has discovered that the secret to a life well lived is rooted in LOVE.

When researchers studied what people thought about in their last days, there was a clear theme to what most people use to weigh their own lives- and it wasn’t about how their degrees or awards or goals accomplished or how many followers they had.

The two questions almost universally asked in the sunset of life are:

  1. Have I been loved?
  2. Have I loved well?

These two are inextricably entwined.

Shine helps you remember that you ARE loved, and then inspires you to love others in creative and intentional ways. A transformation happens when you experience and offer real love, and we are here to help you do exactly that.